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The Finest in Graveyard Rock & Roll

Batlord sounds like:
Dracula in a threesome with Vampira and the Bride of Frankenstein on a cold, stone castle floor with Lilly Munster bound, gagged, stripped, suspended upside down and forced to hang there, blindfolded, listening (during a thunderstorm on a fog-laden, muggy Transylvanian night), fearing and secretly wishing she will be unbound and be made the subject of cruel, humiliating, yet pleasurable acts at the hands of her captors.  

Scorpio: Lead Vocals, Guitar
Christoph Jansen: Organ, Vocals
Egon Offermans: Bass, Vocals
Gabor Franyo: Drums, Vocals

  • Releases:
  • Music To Be Buried To (album)
  • Death By Woman (album)
  • Songs We Dug Up (album)
  • What a Creep Does on Christmas
  • Sweet Transvestite
300x300 Candelabra

The Human Lottery of Desire

Check out this video shot in 2013 in Germany.

Shot by Ulrich Scharfe, edited by Scorpio.  

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We recently teamed up with executive producer, Ross Olney on a covers album, "Songs We Dug Up".  We dug extra deep in the graveyard soil to find these choice cadavers.  

Journalist Paul Fitzgerald sat down with Scorpio recently and interviewed him on this and other topics.

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single gothyhorror cover

Sweet Transvestite

"Batlord's version of Sweet Transvestite is brimming with passionate energy."
- Exlcusively Goth Lifestyle Magazine

Batlord recently recorded a song for an album paying tribute to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".  Our fiend, Darkest Jack from The Darkest Hours radio show, put together an album of his favorite musical guests.  Every song on the album is played by a different band.  

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morgue 01

The Terrors of Men

Performance artist, Morgue interviews Scorpio for The Terrors of Men about various subjects including road stories, Legos, and The Dark Side.

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Batlord Live

BATLORD Releases

Batlord Live